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Digimon Adventure tri Movie 5 Coexistence in Hindi Download (1080p FHD)

digimon tri 5

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Movie Info

Name: Digimon Adventure tri. Coexistence

Movie No: 05

Episodes: 04

Release Year: 2017

TV Channel (India): Nick/Sonic

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p HD

Size: Episodic Version – HD 720p (~150MB) | HD 720p (~500MB)

Synopsis: An enraged Meicoomon digivolves to Meicrackmon and leaves through a distortion. Himekawa is then briefly seen stumbling across the Digital World in search of Tapirmon. As Digimon begin materializing in the Real World, Hackmon explains to Nishijima and Professor Mochizuki that Meicoomon was born from a fragment of Apocalymon’s remnant data. Meiko was meant to suppress the darkness within her partner Digimon. However, Homeostasis considers Meicoomon’s unrestrained power to be an existential threat to both worlds and decides to eliminate her. Meanwhile, the DigiDestined try to survive the Digital World’s attempts to expel them.

The DigiDestined manage to return to the Real World but are persecuted by the people. With Nishijima’s help, the DigiDestined and their partner Digimon hide in their school to avoid the media. The DigiDestined try to console Meiko during their stay. The next day, a rampant Meicrackmon confronts Meiko near the school. Jesmon intervenes and his attack results in Meicrackmon digivolving to Raguelmon.

Digimon Adventure tri. Coexistence (Hindi)

Movie Version (720p)





Episodic Version

Episode 18 – Coexistence Part 01

720p –   [Beta]    [Alpha]    [MEGA]


Episode 19 – Coexistence Part 02

720p –   [Beta]    [Alpha]    [MEGA]


Episode 20 – Coexistence Part 03

720p –   [Beta]    [Alpha]    [MEGA]


Episode 21 – Coexistence Part 04

720p –   [Beta]    [Alpha]    [MEGA]

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