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Episode 31 – Ek Nayi Duniya Ki Aor,Blazing General Ka DragonLand!

Mikey Kudo and Shoutmon return to the Digital World and land in what they learn to be known as Dragonland from Shoutmon’s old friend named Lillymon. Lillymon reveals that the Digital World has been formatted by Lord Bagra into seven lands with the Bagra Army’s Dark Fortress in the center. The three see a faction of the Bagra Army under the command of Dorbickmon who is known as the Fire Fury. Dorbickmon is one of the seven Dark Generals overseeing the lands. Dorbickmon pursues a deserter named Dracomon. Mikey and Shoutmon use a pseudonym named Flowerymon. Mikey and Shoutmon attempt to save Dracomon before Shoutmon finds himself unable to Digivolve. Team Blue Flare arrives with Christopher Aonuma calling out Dorbickmon. Dorbickmon uses his power to manipulate the land against them. Dorbickmon appears in his Darkness Mode One form to defeat DeckerGreymon after force DigiFusing his Flarerizamon into a flaming sword. Dorbickmon finds that Christopher has escaped thanks to the help of Mikey and company. Dorbickmon cancels his DigiFusion with Huanlongmon to have him and the Salamandermon flush them out of the underground tunnels. Despite Christopher putting him down for being weak, Dracomon attempts to sacrifice himself to enable the others to escape from the magma. This causes Shoutmon to Digivolve to OmniShoutmon to save Dracomon before defeating Huanglongmon and his forces. Having learned of Mikey’s real identity, Dorbickmon arrives to attack them. Dorbickmon subjects OmniShoutmon to his power.

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