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Digimon Xros Wars Episode 33 Hindi Dubbed Download

Digimon Xros Wars Season 2 Episode 3 Hindi Dubbed Download/Watch Online

Episode 33 – Ek Bahot Hi Darwani Jagah! Yeh Hain Moonlight General Ka Vampire Desh!

With Dorbickmon defeated, Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano open the gate to the next land with Wisemon confirming that negative energy is also passing through the gate portal towards the Code Crown. Christopher takes another route. The Fusion Fighters arrive at another land where they managed to help a Lopmon escape from a red LadyDevimon and her two LadyDevimon aides when unable to destroy them. Lopmon reveals that the area is known as Vampire Land. Many Lopmon have been living as far as they could before the Vampire Land’s Dark General placed the area in perpetual night with the LadyDevimon dispatched to capture any recently Digivolved Lopmon and bring them to the castle. After the group are joined by Christopher when they attempt to protect the Chocomon from the LadyDevimon, who were obliterated by MetalGreymon before given the chance to regenerate, Mikey and Nene decide to sneak into the castle disguised as LadyDevimon with Cutemon dressed as a Lopmon to disable the castle’s barrier so Christopher can launch an attack. As Christopher and MailBirdramon are attacked by Devimon, Nene and Cutemon distract a LadyDevimon. Mikey encounters the Dark General named NeoMyotismon who is known as the Moon-Light King. Lopmon follows Mikey and manages to destroy the barrier. With Shoutmon ×5 unable to fight NeoMyotismon, Christopher has MetalGreymon take over the fight. Shoutmon ×5 and Beelzemon deal with the Devimon and LadyDevimon armies. NeoMyotismon uses his Darkness Loader to absorb his forces to assume Darkness Mode One form. NeoMyotismon Darkness Mode One form overwhelms MetalGreymon with his quick regenerative powers before executing another DigiFusion with MetalGreymon. This leaves the Fusion Fighters, especially Christopher, in shock.

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