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Episode 35 – Darna Maat Greymon,Shoutmon Xros DX Ka Janm Ho Chuka Hain!

After destroying NeoMyotismon, Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano arrive to Honey Land where they encounter a group of Digimon that had their energy drained. The Fusion Fighters discover that Lilamon is under attack by a swarm of Honeybeemon who drain her energy. The Fusion Fighters try to save her, but they are stopped in their tracks by a Digimon named Ignitemon. Ignitemon weakens the Fusion Fighters’ Digimon under orders from the miniature Dark General named Zamielmon who is known as the Wood Spirit. However, the arrival of a Digimon freedom fighter named Mervamon enables the group to escape. The Fusion Fighters follow Mervamon back to her shelter and discover more Digimon including Stingmon are being stung by Honeybeemon with most of their energy being drained off to become DigiHoney. With the exception of Christopher and the arrogant impression Mervamon has made from Nene’s perspective, the Fusion Fighters decide to help Mervamon storm Zamielmon’s fortress. However, it turns out Mervamon has no actual plan and is outright charging while luring the Honeybeemon for the Fusion Fighters to deal with. Zamielmon has learned the Fusion Fighters are the ones who defeated Dorbickmon and NeoMyotismon. Zamielmon arrives with Ignitemon. Zamielmon reveals Ignitemon to be Mervamon’s younger brother. Zamielmon uses his Darkness Loader to DigiFuse his best fighter named GrandisKuwagamon with the Honeybeemon to have Ignitemon support the newly formed GrandisKuwagamon Honeybee Mode. Feeling Mervamon’s pain, as Mervamon could not harm her own brother despite her resolve to save Honey Land, Nene is unable to stand by to see the suffering between the siblings. Nene manages to get Ignitemon off GrandisKuwagamon with Sparrowmon’s help. Mervamon and Sparrowmon are DigiFused by Nene into JetMervamon to destroy GrandisKuwagamon. Having only joined Zamielmon out of fear and seeing no other way out, Ignitemon comes to his senses after the battle and joins the Fusion Fighters. However, Zamielmon escapes and vows revenge.

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