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Episode 36 – Hasne Wala Shikari,Iss Dekh Ka General Zamielmon

After Zamielmon escaped during their fight against GrandisKuwagamon, Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano discuss how to defeat such a small opponent. However, Ignitemon reveals that Zamielmon eats DigiHoney to shrink with Mikey having a plan to fight the Dark General at his true size before finding an arrow with a note. Seeing the note to be an invite to Zamielmon’s Honey Land Amusement Park and knowing it will be a trap, Mikey sees it to be a good way to distract Zamielmon with Christopher dealing with the DigiHoney. After Christopher sees a boy while escaping a group of Blossomon, Christopher agrees to the plan with Ignitemon and Beelzemon sent to support him. Though the plan worked, holding out until then, the Fusion Fighters learn too late that Zamielmon only ate the DigiHoney to make things challenging for himself as he is revealed as a giant. Furthermore, Zamielmon still has his super speed as he dodges Shoutmon X4 and JetMervamon’s attacks. Once Christopher arrives, Shoutmon DX is formed to fight against Zamielmon with Mikey realizing a pattern in Zamielmon’s movement that allows them to destroy him and his lair with JetMervamon’s assistance. With Honey Land no longer under the Bagra Army’s control, Mervamon thanks the Fusion Fighters while stating her intention to join their group. However, Nene soon expresses worry when Christopher describes the boy he saw while escaping a group of Blossomon. Christopher’s description of the boy he saw matches Nene’s younger brother named Ewan Amano.

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