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Episode 37 – Nene Ka Chotta Bhai,Dushman Ka General Yuu

Having heard from Christopher Aonuma that he saw a boy who resembled her younger brother named Ewan Amano, Nene Amano is eager to search for Ewan with Mikey Kudo and Christopher searching for him too. However, the Fusion Fighters find Ewan on a bridge and see him with the Bagra Army’s Damemon. Shoutmon recognizes Damemon when the Digimon assumes his Tuwarmon form. Ewan and Tuwarmon take their leave with Nene chasing after her younger brother as the bridge is destroyed with Sparrowmon following Nene. The other Fusion Fighters find a way to the other side. Tuwarmon unseals his subordinate named Doumon to help Ewan by catching Nene in an illusion of Tokyo. After Nene is captured, Nene remembers how she and Ewan ended up being sucked into the Digital World. Ewan explains that he is willingly helping Axeknightmon. Ewan believes he is only playing a game with no fatal consequences as he orders Tuwarmon to delete Nene. Mervamon is revealed to have been in Nene’s Fusion Loader and saves Nene. MetalGreymon manages to dispel the illusion. However, matters get worst when Axeknightmon arrives with the newly demoted Laylamon. After Ewan uses Laylamon in a forced DigiFusion with Blastmon and his Vilemon, the battle begins with Doumon using his illusion to disorient the Fusion Fighters until he is destroyed by Mervamon using her Olympia Kai after Wisemon and Hi-VisionMonitamon were DigiFused into it. Tuwarmon is DigiFused onto Axeknightmon by Ewan for Axeknightmon to become MusoKnightmon to deliver the deathblow. OmniShoutmon and ZeekGreymon charge at MusoKnightmon. OmniShoutmon and ZeekGreymon grab his cannons with the clash causing a big bang. After MusoKnightmon and Ewan depart, the fight is revealed to hone Ewan’s skills. Nene makes up her mind to open Ewan’s eyes to the truth. Nene wants Ewan to join the Fusion Fighters.

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