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Episode 38 – Rahasyamai Cyberland,Steel Village Ki Ladki!

Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano arrive in a futuristic kingdom known as Cyber Land. The Fusion Fighters are attacked by an army of Andromon teleported from a flying Whamon. Upon defeating the Andromon, the Fusion Fighters realize their opponents are only puppet replicas as they disable Whamon’s teleporter device and learn it is actually an airship. Dorulumon senses a Digimon nearby with the Fusion Fighters finding a strange girl hiding in an airshaft. Introducing herself as Luca, she explains that they are in Cyber Land while explaining she was captured by the Bagra Army when they invaded. Dorulumon expresses some distrust towards Luca. Dorulumon is forced to apologize to Luca by the Fusion Fighters. The Fusion Fighters welcome Luca warmly. The Fusion Fighters leave the airship with Luca guiding them to a warehouse where food is kept. Luca appeared to activate numerous booby traps before putting in the correct entry code. The Fusion Fighters are unaware that they have fallen into a trap. The actions of the Fusion Fighters are observed by Cyber Land’s Dark General. Dorulumon’s distrust for Luca unwillingly saves the Fusion Fighters twice despite their disappointment in him making Luca cry. When Dorulumon chases after Luca, she offers to scout for them. Dorulumon ends up being paralyzed by someone posing as Cutemon. Dorulumon learns that “Cutemon” is actually the shape shifting Dark General named Splashmon who is known as the Water Tiger. Furthermore, Luca is revealed as a puppet controlled by one of Splashmon’s Splasher familiars as he absorbs the blob. Splashmon explains his intent to use Dorulumon’s negative energy. Splashmon defeats Dorulumon. Splashmon spares Dorulumon to watch what he has planned for the Fusion Fighters. The Fusion Fighters find themselves facing replica Andromon and replica Sealsdramon before a second wave composed of MetalTyrannomon appear while led by what appears to be Dorulumon.

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