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Episode 39 – Xros Heart Batne Wala Hain,Water Tiger General Ki Shaitani Chaal!

Having captured Dorulumon, Splashmon assumes his captive’s form to lead an attack on Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano. After Splashmon’s MetalTyrannomon are defeated, Splashmon creates a story as Dorulumon to claim he was feigning switching sides to find the Dark General. After Christopher takes his leave, Mikey allows “Dorulumon” to rejoin the Fusion Fighters after his attempt on their lives. Splashmon captures Nene and takes her Fusion Loader. Splashmon poses as Nene to lure Mikey, Shoutmon, and Ballistamon into a death trap before assuming Mikey’s form to do the same thing to Christopher. Splashmon’s deception is exposed when “Mikey” fakes an injury. Christopher realizes he is an impostor. Mikey arrives and reveals that he knew of Splashmon’s deception the entire time since meeting Luca and played along while sending Cutemon and Deputymon to free Dorulumon and Nene. Splashmon is furious that his plan failed. The Fusion Fighters express a bit of pity for Splashmon’s solitary lifestyle. Splashmon reveals he had the original occupants of Cyber Land kill each other. Splashmon absorbs his Splashers in a DigiFusion to assume his gigantic Darkness Mode before easily defeating MetalGreymon and being unharmed by Shoutmon ×4 and Jet Mervamon’s attacks. After Splashmon reveals his true Water Tiger form, Splashmon Darkness Mode overpowers OmniShoutmon and ZeekGreymon before Mikey figures out Splashmon’s weakness. OmniShoutmon and ZeekGreymon are DigiFused into Shoutmon DX. Shoutmon DX destroys Splashmon Darkness Mode via evaporation. Dorulumon expresses some respect of Mikey’s sense of loyalty and friendship to him.

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