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Episode 40 – Khushaal Pirate Ka Aana,Gold Land Ke Liye Tyaar!

After landing in the Gold Land, which contains a wide Golden Sea, Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano find no traces of the Dark General’s flag before a pirate ship rises from underwater. On the pirate ship is the Dark General named Olegmon who is known as the Gold Thief. Olegmon has heard of the Fusion Fighters. Olegmon wishes to have the Fusion Fighters join his crew. The Fusion Fighters refuse Olegmon’s offer. The Fusion Fighters start attacking Olegmon’s crew to take his ship. The Fusion Fighters find Lunamon, Spadamon, and Coronamon hypnotized as the Dark General’s grunts. Olegmon proceeds to place Shoutmon, Greymon, Sparrowmon, Cutemon, Starmon, the Pickmonz, Knightmon, and the PawnChessmon under his chantey’s spell. This forces the rest of the Fusion Fighters to escape with Ballistamon’s help, as he is unaffected. Olegmon recognizes Ballistamon. The Fusion Fighters go into hiding as Olegmon sends his first mate named Mermaimon to hunt them down. The Fusion Fighters speculate that Olegmon’s spell does not affect humans and machine type Digimon with Christopher seeing Cyberdramon to be ideal. The next day, Lillymon finds Ballistamon and thinks back to how she and Shoutmon met Ballistamon prior. The Fusion Fighters find themselves under attack as Olegmon manages to get Dorulumon and Cyberdramon under his control to the Fusion Fighters’ shock. During the struggle between Ballistamon and Shoutmon, Olegmon’s control over the Fusion Fighter Digimon is revealed that the source of Olegmon’s spell is a sound wave emitted from his horns. After breaking free from the hypnosis, the enraged Shoutmon Digivolves into OmniShoutmon and battles against Olegmon before the Olegmon’s crew grabs Ballistamon. Olegmon’s crew proceeds to rewire Ballistamon’s insides. Olegmon reveals Ballistamon to be his long lost secret weapon. Ballistamon is forced to transform back into his original form known as DarkVolumon.

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