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Episode 41 – Olegmon The Gold Pirate Ki Hansi, Alvida Xros Heart!

After his crew capture and rewire Ballistamon back into his original state, Olegmon reveals that he created DarkVolumon to aid him. DarkVolumon’s attack somehow traversed him into the Forest Zone, where he was repaired by Shoutmon into Ballistamon. Despite Christopher Aonuma’s intervention with Deckerdramon and MailBirdramon, they and OmniShoutmon are all sent flying into the ocean. Olegmon captures Mikey Kudo and enslaves the rest of the Fusion Fighter Digimon. Olegmon explains that he wants Mikey to join his crew. Olegmon decides to subject the captured Nene Amano to DarkVolumon’s restored ultimate speaker attack after Mikey turned him down. After convincing Christopher to let him assist in the rescue, Shoutmon attempts to rewrite DarkVolumon as MailBirdramon and Dracomon save Nene. Christopher saves Mikey and uses Deckerdramon to damage the ship. Though Shoutmon attempts to reach Ballistamon via DigiFusion, it appeared to have no effect. Ballistamon comes to his senses at the last second. Ballistamon provides his speakers for Shoutmon to free all their allies from Olegmon’s spell. While MetalGreymon and JetMervamon take out Olegmon’s crew, Shoutmon ×4S has trouble fighting against Olegmon. In a gamble, Ballistamon cancels the DigiFusion to use his ultimate speaker attack on Olegmon. The dying Olegmon accepts his death. Olegmon praises the Fusion Fighters as they are joined by Spadamon, Lunamon, and Coronamon before they repair the pirate ship. The Fusion Fighters use the pirate ship to enter the next land.

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