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Episode 42 – Kiriha Ko Sunai De Rahi Hain Awaaz,Canyon Earth General Spirit Ka Shaitani Prastaw!

Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano arrive in Canyon Land. The Fusion Fighters find the Dark General named Gravimon who is known as the Earth Spirit. Gravimon has his army of Hippogriffomon, Cerberumon, and Wendigomon stationed around his fortress in preparation for the Fusion Fighters’ arrival. Christopher voices his intention to prove his strength. Christopher reveals his plan to take Gravimon’s fortress by surprise. The Fusion Fighters serve as distractions to lure Gravimon’s army outside the fortress. Despite all the other Fusion Fighters’ objections, Mikey accepts the plan. The Fusion Fighters carry out Christopher’s plan. Nene and JetMervamon deal with the Hippogriffomon. Dorulumon and Beelzemon hold off the Cerberumon. Mikey, Shoutmon, and Ballistamon distract the Wendigomon. Christopher acts on his own whim to take out the opposition with his allies caught in the crossfire. Christopher and MetalGreymon reach Gravimon. Christopher takes out Gravimon’s forces as Mikey and his group arrives. Revealing he was a step ahead since MetalGreymon destroyed an illusion, Gravimon unveils his army of Centarumon and Sagittarimon. Despite JetMervamon helping the Fusion Fighters escape, Mikey learns that Christopher is captured by Gravimon. Furthermore, Gravimon reveals that Bagramon is the one who gave Christopher his Fusion Loader. Gravimon uses Christopher’s shady past and desire to prove his strength to turn him into his pawn to defeat Mikey and the other Fusion Fighters.

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