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Episode 43 – Takaatwar Dosti,Decerdramon Ki Aankhri Pukaar!!

Though tricked by Gravimon to attack Mikey Kudo and Nene Amano, Christopher Aonuma admits that he would have to confront Mikey even after they defeated Bagramon and his army. Despite Mikey’s reluctance to fight, tensions run high as a battle between OmniShoutmon and ZeekGreymon breaks out with OmniShoutmon barely winning as both are loaded into their generals’ Fusion Loaders to heal. Despite OmniShoutmon and ZeekGreymon being injured, Christopher refuses to stop. Christopher summons Cyberdramon and Golemon before Deckerdramon stops them. Deckerdramon reasons with Christopher while having the Fusion Fighters leave. Christopher considers Deckerdramon’s attempt to convince him to be untwisted by his past as an act of betrayal. Christopher has Cyberdramon and Golemon mortally wound Deckerdramon before Mikey intervenes. Deckerdramon reveals Christopher’s past to Mikey and Nene. Deckerdramon explains to Christopher that his father wanted him to be strong out of love. As Christopher begins to realize his father’s intent and that true strength is from love and friendship, the Fusion Fighters are attacked by Gravimon with Deckerdramon fatally wounded when he shields Mikey, Christopher, and Nene from Gravimon’s gravity ball. Deckerdramon dies due to the impact of Gravimon’s attack. Deckerdramon’s final action gave Christopher and the other Fusion Fighters the ability to Great Fusion OmniShoutmon and ZeekGreymon with Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Sparrowmon, Starmon, and the Pickmonz to form Shoutmon ×7.

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