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Episode 44 – Xros X7 Ka Gehra Sambandh,Gravimon Ke Saath Hua Maha Muqaabla!!

Fueled by Deckerdramon’s death, Christopher Aonuma’s restored bond with Mikey Kudo and Nene Amano allows them to form Shoutmon ×7 and wipe out a majority of Gravimon’s army. Though Shoutmon ×7 manages to destroy Gravimon, Gravimon’s hold over Canyon Land is still secure. Hi-VisionMonitamon is sent to investigate Gravimon’s castle. Hi-VisionMonitamon witnesses Gravimon regenerating from a surviving cable. Hi-VisionMonitamon relays that Gravimon can regenerate himself as long as his DigiCore is safe. The Fusion Fighters witness the capture of Hi-VisionMonitamon by Anubismon. Anubismon relays Gravimon’s challenge to the Fusion Fighters. As Mikey DigiFuses Cutemon with Dondokomon, Knightmon, PawnChessmons, Beastmon, ChibiTortomon, and Jijimon to form Greatest Cutemon to hold off Gravimon’s army, Shoutmon ×7 battles Gravimon. Christopher and Nene sneak into Gravimon’s castle to save Hi-VisionMonitamon. The rescue team finds no sign of Gravimon’s DigiCore and regroups as Gravimon DigiFuses his remaining forces to assume Darkness Mode. Gravimon Darkness Mode reveals that he secretly transplanted his DigiCore into Mikey’s left arm during the last battle. Agreeing to Gravimon’s demands when he could not harm Mikey, Christopher relinquishes his Fusion Loader to save Mikey’s life. When Gravimon attempts to kill Christopher, Mikey shields Christopher. Mikey tricks Gravimon to remove his Digicore so it can be heavily damaged by Shoutmon ×7. Christopher crushes Gravimon’s core in his hand. Gravimon is finally defeated for good. All the Fusion Fighters have one more land to go to before they finally reach the Bagra Army’s Headquarters.

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