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Episode 46 – Aant Ki Shuruat,General Ka Aakhri Yudh!

Falling into the Digital Underworld below Bright Land, Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano find themselves coming to a white castle with a crystal in the middle of the throne room. The crystal projects a hologram of Ewan Amano as he explains the Digital Underworld will be where his army will have a final battle against the Fusion Fighters. Ewan explains to the Fusion Fighters that the losing group’s general would die upon defeat. Christopher makes the decision to accept Ewan’s offer, which shocks Mikey and Nene. Christopher formulates a plan. Christopher explains to Mikey and Nene that Ewan needs to understand that his choices have consequences. As the battles take off, Knightmon and his PawnChessmon hold off the Sun Wheel army. Shoutmon ×5, Beelzemon, and Mervamon battle Axeknightmon and Laylamon. Christopher and Cyberdramon are intercepted on route by Apollomon Whispered and Sethmon. Though Ewan predicted this strategy, he did not realize that Christopher is using himself as a distraction for Mikey to use MetalGreymon to raid the black castle. As MetalGreymon holds off Tuwarmon, Mikey chases a terrified Ewan. Ewan gets a sword with the intent to settle things out in a sword duel by outright killing Mikey.

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