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Episode 49 – Taiki Ne Faisla Karlia,Woh Sabse Takatwar General Appolomon Ko Harakar Rahega!

As SkullKnightmon takes Ewan Amano to the Bagra Army’s base, Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano know that they have to deal with Apollomon Whispered. Mikey is left with no choice but to destroy Apollomon and Apollomon Whispered together after learning from Wisemon that there is no way to separate the two of them. Apollomon Whispered believes the Fusion Fighters, Axeknightmon, and Ewan died in the Digital Underworld. Apollomon Whispered believes he will become Bagramon’s second in command. Apollomon Whispered gave an opening for the Fusion Fighters to exploit when he sends his entire military forces to the ground level of Bright Land to slaughter the Bright Land residents. As ZeekGreymon and JetMervamon deal with the Sun Wheel army, Mikey and his group make their way to Apollomon’s throne room. Apollomon Whispered attempted to pretend to be Apollomon to catch Mikey off guard. The ploy fails as the Fusion Fighters regroup to form Shoutmon ×7. An epic battle ensues before Apollomon Whispered traps Shoutmon ×7. Apollomon Whispered creates a miniature dark sun to incinerate Bright Land. Though a freed Shoutmon ×7 is unable to hold the attack off, Apollomon mustered enough strength to restrain Apollomon Whispered so that they can both be destroyed quickly. With Apollomon Whispered no more, a dying Apollomon uses his last breath to thank the Fusion Fighters. Apollomon warns all the Fusion Fighters to beware of Bagramon and his intent to turn all the Digimon into his slaves. Meanwhile, a reformed Axeknightmon learns of Apollomon’s death. Axeknightmon plots his next move. Ewan finally accepts the truth before being powerless to stop Damemon from dying before his eyes.

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