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Episode 51 – Digital Duniya Ke Bhavishya Ke Liye, Bagra Sena Ke Generals Se Ki Dosti!

In Prison Land, the seven Dark Generals defeated Shoutmon ×3 so easily. Moved by the act of sacrificing themselves, Olegmon switches sides to support Mikey Kudo against his former teammates. Apollomon is separated from Apollomon Whispered to settle their own battle. At the same time, Axeknightmon intends not to keep his word to Mikey to spare all his friends. Axeknightmon orders GrandGeneramon to defeat Christopher Aonuma and Nene Amano. Apollomon sacrifices himself to help Mikey and his Fusion Fighter Digimon along with Olegmon in restoring themselves. Olegmon died again in the process when the Fusion Fighter team destroyed the incomplete GrandGeneramon. The Fusion Fighters’ fight against all seven Dark Generals is truly over. Mikey, Christopher, and Nene head to the actual Pandemonia to defeat Bagramon and Axeknightmon. All the Fusion Fighters are trying to rescue Nene’s younger brother named Ewan Amano successfully.

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