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Episode 52 – Bagra Ka Bhai DarkKnightmon Mila Ek Naya Raaz!

Ewan Amano is captured by Axeknightmon inside the Pandemonia. Ewan’s power is collected by Axeknightmon. Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano finally meet Lord Bagra and Axeknightmon outside the palace of Pandemonia. Lord Bagra has already absorbed the Dark Stone. Lord Bagra appears before the Fusion Fighters. Lord Bagra reveals the meaning behind D5. Lord Bagra uses Tactimon’s sword known as Jatetsufūjinmaru that fell into the ocean after his battle with OmniShoutmon as a homing beacon. Lord Bagra opens a rift into the human world. Lord Bagra freezes everything near his extended arm. All the energy is drained by Lord Bagra’s extended arm. Angie Hinomoto and Jeremy Tsurgi are saved by a mysterious voice. Mikey and Mervamon fall into the underground in the midst of all the chaos. Christopher orders OmniShoutmon and ZeekGreymon to battle against Lord Bagra. Axeknightmon takes advantage of the distraction. Axeknightmon stabs Lord Bagra from the back. Axeknightmon proceeds to force DigiFuse Lord Bagra. Axeknightmon wants to absorb his brother’s power. Lord Bagra is Axeknightmon’s older brother.

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