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Episode 53 – The Darkness Before the Dawn

Axeknightmon absorbed his older brother who is known as Lord Bagra in a forced DigiFusion. Axeknightmon reveals that he unsealed the Darkness Loader. Axeknightmon used Nene Amano and Ewan Amano to overthrow Lord Bagra. Axeknightmon wants to become the new ruler of the Digital World. Mikey Kudo managed to rescue Ewan from the enlarged Tyutyumon. Tyutyumon was devoured by Beastmon. Mikey rejoins the other Fusion Fighters. Mikey brings Ewan back to Nene and Christopher Aonuma. Axeknightmon’s new form is known as Darkest Axeknightmon. Darkest Axeknightmon is confronted by Shoutmon ×7. Lord Bagra metaphysically destroys Axeknightmon. Lord Bagra takes control of his younger brother’s body. Lord Bagra reconfigures Axeknightmon’s body into Megadarkness Bagramon. Megadarkness Bagramon deletes his surroundings. Megadarkness Bagramon heads into the human world. Megadarkness Bagramon had already turned everything into stone. In the process, Megadarkness Bagramon kills Shoutmon. Megadarkness Bagramon sends all the Fusion Fighters into a void. In the void, Mikey, Christopher, Nene, and Ewan were saved by Angie Hinomoto and Jeremy Tsurgi. Angie and Jeremy were transported by the power of two DigiMemories known as WarGreymon and Examon that came back to life. WarGreymon and Examon suggest to all the Fusion Fighters that there are ways to bring Shoutmon back to life. WarGreymon and Examon also suggest to all the Fusion Fighters that there may be a way save both the human and digital worlds.

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