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Digimon Xros Wars Episode 54 English Dubbed Download (Season Finale)

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Episode 54 – Final Fusion – The Fight for Earth!

Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, Nene Amano, Ewan Amano, Angie Hinomoto, and Jeremy Tsurgi are transported back to Earth by the DigiMemories of Examon and WarGreymon. Examon reveals Lord Bagra’s plan. Examon also reveals the forming of all the DigiMemories. Ewan’s Darkness Loader is transformed into a yellow Fusion Loader. Examon and WarGreymon’s DigiMemories revive Omnimon’s DigiMemory. A decisive battle begins between the Fusion Fighters United Army and the Bagra Army. Mikey, Angie, and Cutemon enter into Megadarkness Bagramon’s body. Mikey, Angie, and Cutemon search for Shoutmon inside Megadarkness Bagramon’s body. Mikey, Angie, and Cutemon encounter a metaphysical Bagramon. Mikey is nearly killed by the metaphysical Bagramon. The Dark Stone is purified into the Code Crown. The Code Crown brings every Digimon including Shoutmon back to life. The Code Crown sends Mikey and his team members out of Megadarkness Bagramon’s body. The Code Crown guides the Fusion Fighters to execute a new DigiFusion. The Fusion Fighters execute a DigiFusion known as Final DigiFusion. Shoutmon is DigiFused with all the Digimon to form Shoutmon ×7 Superior Mode. Megadarkness Bagramon is destroyed for good. Everything is turned back to normal. All the Fusion Fighters say goodbye to Shoutmon and all the other Fusion Fighter Digimon. Every Digimon returns to the Digital World. Mikey has a feeling that his adventures are not over yet.

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