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Doraemon 2005 Hindi Episodes (Uncut HD 720p)

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Doraemon 2005 Hindi Episodes (Uncut HD 720p) Download

Nobita Nobi is a young boy who suffers from poor grades, frequent bullying and negative emotions like sadness and jealousy. Many years in the future, one of his descendants sends the robotic cat Doraemon back in time to protect and guide Nobita. Doraemon has a four-dimensional pocket from which he produces items known as gadgets, which range from toys and medicine, to technology from the future.

encoded by TheAnimeChannel (previously known as Toon Anime India)

Series Info

Name : Doraemon

Series: 2005

Quality : 720p

Language : Hindi

Hindi Dubbed Episodes

Episode 02 – Slow-Slow, Quick-Quick / Nobita’s Bride

Episode 03 – The Dictator Switch

Episode 04 – The Sonic Oscillation Terror Machine / The Almighty Pass

Episode 05 – The Time Cloth / Go Dandelion to the Sky

Episode 06 – (Secret) Spy Operation / Hello, Alien

Episode 07 – Nobita’s Underground Country

Episode 08 – The Substitution Rope Story / Cartoonist Jaiko

Episode 09 – Doraemon’s Everywhere / Heart Cologne

Episode 10 – My Love Just Won’t Stop~Meow / Bottle Cap Collection

Episode 11 – The Odd, Odd Umbrellas / Now-Now Stick

Episode 13 – The Transformation Biscuits / Goodbye, Shizuka

Episode 44 – All the Way From the Country of the Future

Episode 58 – Assorted Monsters / Suneo got Pranked

Episode 59 – What Are Those Two Doing, All Alone Together? / Water Processing Sprinkle

Episode 63 – Doraemon’s Song / Lighter Play

Episode 69 – The Confidence Eliminator / The Bad Luck Diamond

Episode 85 – Sorcerer Nobita / The Secret of the Devil King’s Castle / The Prologue: New Great Adventure into the Underworld

Episode 103 – Don’t Take My Jack / Nobita Raises Princess Kaguya

Episode 104 – Fictional People Eggs / Nobita Becomes a Hermit!?

Episode 112 – The Big “Stop Being Late” Plan / Defeat Gian! The Magic Spell

Episode 113 – Nobita + Pigeon = ? / Strong Stone

Episode 114 – Suneo, Goes to the Beauty Salon / Goodbye, Suneo

Episode 124 – Goodbye to You

Episode 139 – Facing the Gians

Episode 146 – The Rumors of Love Just Won’t Stop / Time, Keep Going!

Episode 152 – Our Homemade Giant Robot Loses Control

Episode 153 – Fleeing Away from Gadgets / Nobita’s 0-Point Escape Plan

Episode 155 – Nobizaemon’s Treasure

Episode 156 – The Tale of Nobita’s Dream

Episode 166 – Welcome to the Center of the Earth (Part 1)

Episode 167 – Welcome to the Center of the Earth (Part 2)

Episode 169 – Nobita’s Proposal Strategy

Episode 175 – Parallel Planet

Episode 176 – The Suneo Kidnapping Case / Doraemon Gives Up

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