Ejen Ali Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (HD 720p, 1080p)


Ali, a lazy school boy, unwittingly becomes an MATA agent after using their prototype device IRIS, which is controlled by the neurological signals in his brain.

Hindi Episodes

Episode 01 – Mission: IRIS HD 720p

Episode 02 – Mission: ALPHA HD 720p

Episode 03 – Mission: SERI HD 720p

Episode 04 – Mission: COMOT HD 720p

Episode 05 – Mission: BLUEPRINT HD 720p

Episode 06 – Mission: RISE UP HD 720p

Episode 07 – Mission: GEGAS PROTOCOL HD 720p

Episode 08 – Mission: PERFORMANCE HD 720p

Episode 09 – Mission: POTENTIAL HD 720p

HD 1080p coming up soon!

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