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Cartoon Series Info

Name: Hagemaru

Season No: 01

Episodes: 59

Release Year: 1988

TV Channel (India): Hungama TV

Language: Hindi [Org. DTH Audio]

Quality: 480p HQ | WEBRip


Synopsis: Hagemaru Hageda is a young kid, studying in fourth standard living with his parents in Japan. Only child of his parents, he and his parents are a big misers. They do anything for saving money and this is the basic plot of the show. Hagemaru also has a pet dog named Pesu, who often comments about Hagemaru’s family being too miser and not giving him anything to eat.


Hagemaru Uncensored Episodes (Hindi Dub)

Episode 01 – The Birth of Hagemaru/Best 10 Short Stories/Always Misbehaving at School

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [121MB]


Episode 02 – Hagemaru’s Mom is Stingy Behaviour/Best 10 Short Stories/Happy Birthday, Miss Sakura

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [119MB]


Episode 03 – The New School Term/Best 10 Short Stories/The Stingy Attitude Games

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [116MB]


Episode 04 – The Hageda’s Part-time Job/Best 10 Short Stories/The Stingy Attitude of Couraging Mom

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [119MB]


Episode 05 – To see Sakura Flowers in Spring/Best 10 Short Stories/The Baseball Match of Blast

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [121MB]


Episode 06 – Mother and Son’s Misadventure in Shopping Mall/Best 10 Short Stories/The Class of Year 4 in Umemomo Primary School

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [122MB]


Episode 07 – Always Contact the Loved Ones/Best 10 Short Stories/Father and Son’s Fishing Misadventures

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [116MB]


Episode 08 – One Day at Amusement Park/Best 10 Short Stories/The Life of Train

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [114MB]


Episode 09 – The Tango no sekku Day/Best 10 Short Stories/Showers, Hairs and Eyebrows

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [116MB]


Episode 10 – Custom Period Drama/Best 10 Short Stories/All About Sports NEW

[Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GDrive]    [GigaStream]    [114MB]


Hagemaru Censored Episodes (Hindi Dub)

Episode 01 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [90MB]

Episode 02 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [92MB]

Episode 03 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [95MB]

Episode 04 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [103MB]

Episode 05 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [106MB]

Episode 06 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [96MB]

Episode 07 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [105MB]

Episode 08 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [97MB]

Episode 09 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [95MB]

Episode 10 – [Mirror]    [MEGA]    [GigaStream]    [100MB]



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NOTE: Uncensored Episodes Contains Very Innocent Kids Nudity and some of the scenes which are not suitable for Kids according to Hungama TV. So Watch It On Your Own Risk. Pogo Dub Added In Some Of The Deleted Scenes. Censored Version Is For Small Kids.

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