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Pokémon (Season 4) Johto League Champions Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download

Pokémon (Season 4) Johto League Champions

Pokémon (Season 4) Johto League Champions Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download/Watch Online, Pokemon Season 4 in Hindi Download, Pokemon Season 4 in Hindi Dubbed Download, Pokemon Johto League Champions in Hindi Download

Anime Series Info

Name: Pokémon: Indigo League

Season No: 04

Episodes: 52

Release Year: 2000 (in Hindi 2004 CN, 2015 – Hungama TV)

TV Channel (India): Hungama TV/Disney XD/Marvel HQ/CN

Language: Hindi

Quality: 480P

Size: 60MB-130MB

Synopsis: From the sprawling metropolis of Goldenrod City to the icy peak of Snowtop Mountain, the Johto region presents Ash, Misty, and Brock with exciting new adventures—along with a few familiar faces like their old friends Todd, Duplica, and Suzie! Johto’s rich past means plenty of Pokémon mysteries for our heroes to solve, and its exciting present means some tough challenges—Ash tackles three more Gyms, while handling competitions like the Pokémon Sumo Conference along the way.

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Pokemon Season 4 Hindi Dub Episodes List

We Do Not Record or Upload any Shows. We are Just Giving the Link To Other WebSite That has Pokemon Links. if you want us to remove this link we will remove the link from our website

Pokemon Seasons in Hindi

Season 1 – Indigo League
Season 2 – Orange Islands
Season 3 – Johto Journeys
Season 4 – Johto League Champions
Season 5 – Master Quest
Season 6 – Advanced
Season 7 – Advanced Challenge
Season 8 – Advanced Battle
Season 9 – Battle Frontier
Season 10 – Diamond and Pearl
Season 13 – DP Sinoh League Victors
Season 14 – Black and White
Season 17 – XY

Pokemon Movies in Hindi

Movie 1 – Mewto Ka Badla
Movie 1 Special – Mewto Returns
Movie 2 – Ash Pikachu Aur Lugia in Danger
Movie 3 – Unown Ka Tehelka
Movie 4 – Khatre Ka Jungle
Movie 5 – Soul Dew Ka Raaz
Movie 6 – Jirachi Ka Wonder
Movie 7 – Deoxy Aur Tory Ki Story
Movie 8 – Lucario Ki Toofani Shakti
Movie 10 – Darkrai Dost Ya Dushman
Movie 11 – Giratina aur ek Mahaa Yodhha
Pikachu Winter Vacation Special
Pokemon XY Mega Special

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  • Kindly add all the episode I can’t wait anymore
    And add more seasons of pokemon like 6 8 9 11 12 etc
    Cause this website is the only hope for me to see pokemon in hindi

    • Complete Episodes Of Season 6,7 Already Added Season 8,9 Not Aired Yet. You will find few episodes of season 10 and 13 here check the pokemon section 🙂 This Season will also complete soon.

        • If its a channel and airing pokemon seasons….. I think thatta they will air all seasons one by one what do you think DTI admin
          And ya is disney XD dubbing pokemon season in hindi
          And please if you will get any othere news about remaining seasons please tell me…😊😊😊
          Aur sorry ager aap ko main ne bohot disturb kiya ho 😯

    • I have only 7 seasons which are aired by HUNGAMA TV But at this time I’m searching season 15 “Pokemon Black & White” & season 17 “Pokemon XY” episodes in 1080p, When I got all season which are aired by CN or HUNGAMA TV. I will share on DTI may be…

      And I promise I will share the original footage of every episode in 480p & 720p HQ. And I will find the remaining seasons and episodes of course…. And If I able to make in hindi then I also make them in Hindi.

      And I will surely find 15 to 19 seasons in 1080p if I’ll get them or I will share in 720p 60fps quality…

      But I will try to share quickly as possible as I can….

      I really have all 7 seasons and all episodes in HINDI

  • I have talked with Disney’s dubbing director on FB & He told me that when they finished all 7 seasons on disney XD then the 8th season will arrived…

    Hope with these news you waiting for 8th season but for this time enjoy the old episode…

    And I have find a news somewhere that Pokemon Sun & Moon will be launched on 31st December, 2017. I don’t know maybe it’s true or not but I think so…

    • 8 & 9 seasons are done in hindi but they have relaunched pokemon on Disney XD, That’s why those seasons(8 & 9) won’t be come up on TV. When the all 7 seasons will be aired on Disney XD,then the 8th & 9th season will arrived and the 8th Movie(Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of the mew) & 9th Movie(Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the sea) Movies will be come up to TV when those seasons will going on over TV.

      Well Let’s see what they will do…
      I have only this news for today
      Next time hope I have something great news
      ’til then enjoy pokemon’s old episodes…..

      • Thank you PokeFan Master I’m already enjoying old episodes thank you once again and if you’ll get any news kindly told me that
        After airing season 8 & 9 will they dub remaining seasons

  • Hey DTI And All Pokemon Fans,

    I have found 1 to 5 Pokemon Movies in 1080p with original footage, The quality of these movies are great but It’s not in Hindi at now, I’m making those in Hindi, When I’ll finishing that, I will shared on DTI. This is very great website for Pokemon. Please wait Pokemon Fans…

    I’m bringing all 7 movies in 1080p HIGH QUALITY…

  • Yes, You are right
    But It’s OK,
    I have redubbed this season and It’s finished now. I have dubbed all 52 episodes with original footage. And now all I have in Hindi with 480p HD quality and with good file size, and I will try to share quick on DTI…
    And I’m bringing 1-7 Pokemon movies in 1080p HQ and Season 14-19 also.

    I will share full stuff on DTI as soon as I can
    Please wait for some time, you all Pokemon Fans get original stuff of all Pokemon Episodes and all Pokemon Movies….

    But DTI have really worked good

  • Main kisi ko bewakoof nahi bana raha hoon. Sach me, Maine jo kuch bhi comment mein likha wo sab sach hai. Pokemon ke anime ke mamle me main koi compromise nahi karta aur main abhi bhi sach hi kah raha hoon. Mere paas ye pehli series hai. Puri ki puri. Aur main jald isse DTI ke sath share karnewala hoon.

    Maine apne comment me koi jooth nahi likha hai.
    Aur tume kaise kah sakte ho ki main sab ko bewakoof bana raha hoon ?
    Mera yakin karo…

  • DTI Ke admin Ke sath meri baat ho chuki hai Kal se Ye season bhi aa raha hai

    Bina kuch soche samje kuch bhi comment box me comment mat kiya karo…

    Aur Haa! Ash Ketchum is my inspiration. I can do anything 4 Pokemon
    Understand ?

  • Yes, U R right, I just thought dubbing and audio encoding are shame thing,That’s why I had written in comment “I have redubbed those season” but now my confusion is over. So you can laugh. And Yes, I’ll bring 14-19 season in 1080p HQ but not in hindi because I also know that It’s not available in hindi at now and not dubbed by any channels, and I also can’t do anything for that,Just waiting ’til Nachiket Dighe dub those season in Hindi.And I also know about season 8,9 and 10. And I know about redubbed season 8,9 and 10 of Pokemon which are dubbed by Nachiket Dighe and I’m also biggest fan of his dubbing voice. I have read this news on Nachiket Dighe’s FB account. Really, I’m not lying. All stuff that I have written above are true.

    And Yes, I’m really bringing 1-7 movies in 1080p HQ, After so many researching, Finally I have found those with original Footage, Just download is remaining. I think is 7 or 9 days, I will bring all 1-7 movie in 1080p. And I know that 1-5 seasons are available in 480p because it was come up on TV 1997 and that time there no HD. And I never compromise about Pokemon.

    Aur please yaar, Pokemon Ka biggest Fan hai to Please Yeh Profile naam change kar de, Request karta hoon. Aur Yeh 4th Jald aa raha DeadToonsIndia par.


  • Main jooth nahi kahoonga. Lekin Is bare mein mujhe pata nahi tha.Q ki Maine sirf season 8 or 9 par hi research ki thi. Q Ki 2nd series meri favorite hai.Lekin mujhe Nachiket Dighe ki dubbing voice jyaada pasand thi.Chalo achchha hua tumne mujhe is bare me bataya. Main Nachiket Dighe ki voice ko bahut miss karoonga.

    Aur haa, Ye 4th season ke episodes 26-27 main DTI ke admin ko bhej chuka hoon, Asha karta hoon ki website par jald launch karenge wo. Baki ke episodes bhi jald aayenge DTI par. Maaf karna, Mera internet thoda slow hai, Issi liye 1 din mein 2 ya 3 episode hi upload kar sakta hoon. Lekin don’t worry, Pura season DTI pe jald aa jayega. Aur audio encoding 95% achchhi hai, 5% mistake sirf character ke mouth aur voice ke sath hai. Lekin jitna ho sake maine apna best diya hai. So Please enjoy….

    PokeBye PokeFan or True PokeFan as like me
    “Gotta catch’em all”

  • sukriya mera yakin karne ke liye. Aur season 10 ki news dene ke liye. Nachiket Dighe ki voice ko Ash ke sath bahut miss karoonga main…

    Chalo koi bat nahi

  • Hey PokeFan master please tell me have you any other news of upcoming pokemon seasons like 10 11 12 13 etc if you have then kindly tell me
    And please ask hungama tv dubbing director are they dubbing more seasons???

    • Yes, After the finishing of season 8 & 9, Ash’s voice will be changed into his default voice from season 10 which is dubbed by CN. A true pokefan suggests me this news.
      And Yes, After the premier of 8th movie I will ask him….
      I promise….
      Take Care
      I’m very exciting for the 8th movie

    • Next time I promise, I will have some great news….
      ’til then enjoy Pokemon on DTI & Disney XD….

      • PokeFan Master Do you know I’ve almost watched all seasons. Now I m watching xy series in english
        Q k vacation hain na is liye
        Or ya which country are you from and what’s your name

        • I’m From India(Gujarat). My name is Nayaka Shubham.I have also finished watching of all seasons of Pokemon which are in Hindi ’cause my vacation is going on too but now finally gotta admission in college. And from 6th July, The college will be started.
          And At that time, I’m finding the reason of why Pokemon Black & White has stopped airing by CN or POGO.
          And I really have found something…
          I will share this news also soon.
          Keep watching & enjoying Pokemon here on DTI

  • Hey guys am also a big fan of pokemon and i have watched only 3 seasons of pokemon bit disney xd is showing mostly old episodes and i dont know that which season has jhoto league plz tell me and when is disney xd going to upload season 4 in hindi plz plz …

    In season 3,4, ash collects his johto league badges and in season 5 he also collects few of remainig badges after collecting his badges he registered in johto league…..
    The johto league begins in season 5 master quest’s episode 57 you can watch it here at pokemon section

  • Plz tell me more details of it and also tell me that how many badges r required for jhoto league???😊😊

        • No, Only 8 badges Ash have won for joining Kanto league & Johto League.

          And 4 Badges He won for Participate in Orange League competition which Ash have won in season 2(Pokemon:Orange Island Adventure).

          Dekho kanto league main participate karne k liye 8 badges collect karne hote hain jo season 1 main kiye the
          Season 2 main 4 badges collect karne the orange league main participate karne k liye
          Baqi har league main 8 badges hee collect karne hote hain old badges ksi new league se related nahi hon ge
          Jis region main pokemon league ho gee sirf un hee gym leaders ko challenge karna hota hai inderstand
          Am I right PokeFan Master 😉

  • Thanks a lot for clear ing my doubts guys .. pokefan master plz tell me that will disney xd show season 5 and thses days they are not even showing season 4 i havent seen it yet and i want to watch half of it here and half on tv these days disney xd is showing mostly vv old episodes and sometimes from the beginning am a 13 yr old pokemon fan plz plz plz hlp me and tell me the next daye when will disney xd show season 4 and what about season 5 tnq for ur hlp..😀😀

    • I think Disney XD has started reairing the season 3 Pokemon(The Johto Journeys) at 4 P.M. So May be we can expect that when the all episodes will be aired on Disney XD of season 3 then soonly they will launch the promo of Season 4 as NEW EPISODES of Pokemon. So I think you have to wait for finishing of season 3 on Disney XD. Or U can watch Season 4 here on DTI.

      • Thabks pokefan master but i dont understand that y sisney xd is not showing season 3 completely only 3 episodes of season 3 r left and they never complete it they always show the season 1 and sometimes even from the beginning will u plz tell me the date and times for season 4 on dusbey xd to show plz…hey frnd like u all am also a big fan of pokemon and this is the only place where i can watch all the season and clear my doubts i have already started watching season 4 today but plz tell me more about that when when when will disney xd show season 4 i dont know y they always start frm beginning and show the old episodes and tnq a lot frnd…

      • Thanks pokefan master but i dont understand that y sisney xd is not showing season 3 completely only 3 episodes of season 3 r left and they never complete it they always show the season 1 and sometimes even from the beginning will u plz tell me the date and times for season 4 on dusbey xd to show plz…hey frnd like u all am also a big fan of pokemon and this is the only place where i can watch all the season and clear my doubts i have already started watching season 4 today but plz tell me more about that when when when will disney xd show season 4 and i have already started watching it today on DTI

  • Thanks frnd but the problem is daily din me disney xd pe dikha te hain ki sham ko 4 pm naye episodes ayenge but vo ya to orange league ke do ya tin episodes dikhate hain ya fir shuru se hi dikha te hain aur naye episodes ka naam par indigo ke badges wale episodes dikha te hain agar apko kuch pata chale to plz mujhe zarror bata na frnd ..thabks a lot frnd…

    • Thanks a lot DTI i would love to watch more and more seasons if pokemon here thanks a lot guys this us the best place where i can see Pokemon episodes

    • The pokemon season 4 is about to completed on disney XD.

      The timing are about 7 pm to 8 30 pm.

      Am I right pokefan master

      Pokemon to you all

      • Yeah! Of course…. 🙂
        And Yes, I am also biggest fan of Pokemon. This is just a Profile a name. I have only limited news about Pokemon. No More, No Less. Only Limited. Hope that Season 5 will be also started soon. But really so excited for season 8 (Advanced Battle). I think we all Pokemon Fans R waiting for season 8(Pokemon Advanced Battle). If U get any other news also about Pokemon then please share with us here on DTI where We all Pokemon Fan get more information about Pokemon Anime.

        Oh ! And I’ve finally gotta The Series XY in 1080p HD[All 3 seasons(XY, Kalos Quest & XYZ)] & All 1-8 Movies also in 1080p. The real HD Footages. But all R in English. But I’ll working on them and make them in Hindi. I wish S18 & S19 also I can make in Hindi but have to wait for them… 😀

        Really want to catch’em all In Hindi..Ha Ha… 😀 😀
        Nice to Meet U [Ash Ketchum(THE BIGGEST POKEMON FAN)]
        “& Gotta catch’em All” 😀

    • Lucky ye kon si website hai pata nai kya kya download karne ke liye kah ra hai bhai mai to nai kar ra😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • HEY PokeDan Master….
    Have you got any news about pokemon and one more think in series sun and moon ash looks so goofy and he joind school in the alola region I don’t understand why they changed ash animation kindly tell me will they bring ash’s old looks
    And in xyz ash releases his greninja to help legendary pokemon zygard
    Now some pokemon fans are saying that serena and greninja will be back in sun and moon is that true kindly tell me

    • Yes,
      Pokémon Black & White was stopped airing by CN & POGO because in May 2014 and August 2015, Cartoon Network and Hungama aired different seasons of Pokémon simultaneously, as Cartoon Network’s contract with Pokémon was yet to expire. And now Pokémon is really wholly owned by Disney. <– Yes, This 100% True

      And about Ash's new face, In videos & news moreover I've seen, I have noticed that all are saying that Ash is actually aging, and in the 1st Episode of Pokémon U & we all Pokémon fans have seen that Ash said " I'm 10 years old now, so now I gotta the Pokémon licence." so to showed up Ash as a 10 years boy or trainer, they have changed Ash's face and give him a new look.

      And in the new Alola region, Ash have joined a Pokemon School with Professor Kukui for discover new Pokémons of Alola region.

      And yes, Serena is now in Hoenn region. Pokémon XY director Yajima basically says that possibly Serena will be returned again in Pokémon Sun & Moon. But now Serena's returning is confirmed, It will be showed up Serena between the half of series Sun & Moon. Serena will be returned for Ash with more great experience and more hard training to matched up Ash.

      And sorry 4 Greninja, I really don't know about it anything…

      I have this news 4 today….. And Sorry If I reply late.. 🙂
      Next Time may be I'll bring up some great news.
      And 'til then "Gotta catch'em all" 😀

  • hey dti please tell me when will pokemon season 8,9,11,12,15,16,18 and 19 will be aired on tv or by disney xd? and why dont you upload these seasons if they are not aired on tv what is the reason behind this? i am the no1 fan of pokemon and beyblade. and i want to know that you are dubbing all seasons of pokemon and beyblade? i hope that i will get my answer as soon as possible. its a humble request. hope for a prompt reply.

    • We not dub any anime/cartoon we can only upload these series and seasons which is aired on tv because we cant get the episodes before airing them 🙂 . Pokemon season 8 can air at end of this year :).

      • my question is for pokemon season 8,9,11,12,15,16,18,and 19 when this all will be aired by disney xd and uploaded by you because i want to watch all this seasons please tell me please. and yes what about pokemon sun and moon series. i hope this time i will get my answer satisfactory.

      • hey dti s4 episode 4 is not available. when i go to download it the google drive shows the link of episode 3 dowload link . please look into the matter and upload the episode 4 in hindi of s4.

  • I want download pokemon episodes but it says ‘the file is large for Google to scan for viruses. Would you still like to download this file?’ can i still download it.

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