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Cartoon Series Info

Name: Samurai Jack

Episodes: 52 Episodes

Release Year: 2001-2004

TV Channel (India): Cartoon Network

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p Blu-ray HD

Size: 100-200 MB

Synopsis: When the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku sends the young samurai Jack into a dystopian future, he must find a portal back to his own time to undo Aku’s destruction and defeat him.


Watch Season 1 on Voot


Season 2

Episode XIV-Jack Learns to Jump Good 
Download-Jack Learns to Jump Good

Episode XV-Jack Tales
Download-Jack Tales

Episode XVI-Jack and the Smackback
Download-Jack and the Smackback

Episode XVII-Jack and the Scotsman II
Download-Jack and the Scotsman II

Episode XVIII-Jack and the Ultra-robots
Download-Jack and the Ultra-robots

Episode XIX-Jack Remembers the Past
Download-Jack Remembers the Past

Episode XX-Jack and the Monks
Download-Jack and the Monks

Episode XXI-Jack and the Dragon
Download-Jack and the Dragon

Episode XXII-Jack vs. the Five Hunters
Download-Jack vs. the Five Hunters

Episode XXIII-Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector
Download-Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector

Episode XXIV-Jack Is Naked
Download-Jack Is Naked

Episode XXV-Jack and the Spartans
Download-Jack and the Spartans

Episode XXVI-Jack’s Shoes
Download-Jack’s Shoes


Season 3


Episode XXVII-Chicken Jack
Download-Chicken Jack

Episode XXVIII-Jack and the Rave
Download-Jack and the Rave

Episode XXIX-Couple on a Train
Download-Couple on a Train

Episode XXX-Jack and the Zombies
Download-Jack and the Zombies

Episode XXXI-Jack and the Scarab
Download-Jack and the Scarab

Episode XXXII-Jack and the Traveling Creatures
Download-Jack and the Traveling Creatures

Episode XXXIII-Jack and the Annoying Creature
Download-Jack and the Annoying Creature

Episode XXXIV-Jack and the Swamp Wizard
Download-Jack and the Swamp Wizard

Episode XXXV-Jack and the Haunted House
Download-Jack and the Haunted House

Episode XXXVI-Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master’s Son
Download-Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master’s Son

Episode XXXVII-The Birth of Evil Part 1
Download-The Birth of Evil Part 1

Episode XXXVIII-The Birth of Evil Part 2
Download-The Birth of Evil Part 2

Episode XXXIX-Jack and the Labyrinth
Download-Jack and the Labyrinth


Season 4

Episode XL-Jack vs. the Ninja
Download-Jack vs. the Ninja

Episode XLI-Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo-bot
Download-Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo-bot

Episode XLII-Samurai vs. Samurai
Download-Samurai vs. Samurai

Episode XLIII-The Aku Infection
Download-The Aku Infection

Episode XLIV-The Princess and the Bounty Hunters
Download-The Princess and the Bounty Hunters

Episode XLV-The Scotsman Saves Jack Part I
Download-The Scotsman Saves Jack Part I

Episode XLVI-The Scotsman Saves Jack Part II
Download-The Scotsman Saves Jack Part II

Episode XLVII-Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess
Download-Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess

Episode XLVIII-Jack vs. Aku
Download-Jack vs. Aku

Episode XLIX-The Four Seasons of Death
Download-The Four Seasons of Death

Episode L-Tale of X49
Download-Tale of X49

Episode LI-Young Jack in Africa
Download-Young Jack in Africa

Episode XLII-Jack and the Baby
Download-Jack and the Baby


Series Completed

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  • Season 1 bhi hindi me download ke liye de do yaar. Voot ko TV par nahi dekh sakta. Badi screen ki baat hi kuchh aur hai. Aur collection bhi complete ho jaega.

    Aur season 5 bhi laga do yaar. 10 episodes ka hai. English me hai, but chalega.

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