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Star Wars Rebels (Season 2) Hindi Dubbed Episodes (720p HD)

Star Wars Rebels (Season 2)

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Series Info

Name: Star Wars Rebels

Release Year: 2014

Quality: 720p

Language: Hindi

Size : 250MB

Synopsis: Fourteen years after the fall of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith[8] and the rise of the Galactic Empire, a motley group of rebels unite aboard a freighter starship called the Ghost, and conduct operations against the Imperial garrison on and around the planet Lothal.


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Star Wars Rebels S02 Episode List

Episode 16 & 17 – The Siege Of Lothal

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 18 – The Lost Commanders

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 19 – Relics of the Old Republic

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 20 – Always Two There Are

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 21 – Brothers of the Broken Horn

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 22 – Wings of the Master

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 23 – Blood Sisters

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 24 – Stealth Strike

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 25- The Future of the Force

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 26 – Legacy (English)

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 27 – A Princess on Lothal

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 28 – The Protector of Concord Dawn

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 29 – Legends of the Lasat

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 30 – The Call

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 31 – Homecoming

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 32 – The Honorable Ones

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 33 – Shroud of Darkness

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 34 – The Forgotten Droid

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 35 – The Mystery of Chopper Base

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 36 – Twilight of the Apprentice Part 1

[Beta]    [Alpha]


Episode 37 – Twilight of the Apprentice Part 2 (Season 2 Finale)

[Beta]    [Alpha]


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