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Vinland Saga Hindi Subbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

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Series Info

Name: Vinland Saga

Release Year: 2019

Quality : 1080p, 720p, 360p

Language: Japanese With Hindi Subtitles

Size: 100-200MB

Synopsis: Thorfinn, son of one of the Vikings’ greatest warriors, is among the finest fighters in the merry band of mercenaries run by the cunning Askeladd, an impressive feat for a person his age. However, Thorfinn is not part of the group for the plunder it entails—instead, for having caused his family great tragedy, the boy has vowed to kill Askeladd in a fair duel. Not yet skilled enough to defeat him, but unable to abandon his vengeance, Thorfinn spends his boyhood with the mercenary crew, honing his skills on the battlefield among the war-loving Danes, where killing is just another pleasure of life.

One day, when Askeladd receives word that Danish prince Canute has been taken hostage, he hatches an ambitious plot—one that will decide the next King of England and drastically alter the lives of Thorfinn, Canute, and himself. Set in 11th century Europe, Vinland Saga tells a bloody epic in an era where violence, madness, and injustice are inescapable, providing a paradise for the battle-crazed and utter hell for the rest who live in it.


Credit: Hindi Subbed by Team Project X


Vinland Saga Hindi Sub Episodes

Beta – Watch/Download 720p

Alpha – Watch/Download 720p,360p

Beta > Alpha in Quality


Episode 01 – Somewhere Not Here



Episode 02 – Sword



Episode 03 – Troll



Episode 04 – A True Warrior



Episode 05 – The Troll’s Son



Episode 06 – The Journey Begins



Episode 07 – Normanni



Episode 08 – Beyond The Edge of The Sea



Episode 09 – The Battle of London Bridge



Episode 10 – Ragnarok



Episode 11 – A Gamble



Episode 12 – The Land on the Far Bank



Episode 13- Child of a Hero



Episode 14- The Light of Dawn



Episode 15- After Yule



Episode 16 – History of Beasts



Episode 17 – Servant



Episode 18 -Out of The Cradle



Episode 19 – United Front



Episode 20 – Crown



Episode 21 -Reunion





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